Lack of punctuation helps the words breathe;capital “I” on final stanza should be noted in lieu of full stop,this heralding the conclusion & a strang one at that

A Lionhearted Journey towards Authenticity©

wilderness 5

washed in from the sea
the path you took
a mystery
your skin
pale and smooth
my fingers trace your deep grooves
the memory in your cells
has a story to tell
of life
in an Earthplace
where a river runs through
and where you stood
weathering the storms and seasons
bore witness
to new life born
the sun in the morning
the moon at night
the tree you once were
filled with breath and light
till whatever force
lifted your roots
pulled your connection
from the life-source
and carried your body to the ocean
where you became a drifter
in a foreign water container
far away from the land of your origin
In this moment I can only honour
what you once were
now your spent life-form
may become driftwood art
with the memory of wild origins
in your wooden heart
©All Rights Reserved

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