Yeh complicated dealin with people,similar issues myself,lotta hostility Out There~stick to your own standards all the more determinedly:they can motivate you to do so and something comes of it all.
And I know what you mean with the martyr thing:don’t wanna be a doormat either.Greg x Edinburgh

Pinch A Pig Toe

5 years ago I purchased my first home: a 2 bedroom condominium in a recently “flipped” apartment building.  My then boyfriend (now husband) moved in with me (yes, we were living in sin at the time but I am an atheist so I get to do those sorts of things) and we set about making a life together.  The building had only 11 units and most of us were first-time home buyers.  We had our first Association meeting and everyone seemed so excited and engaged.  We had no idea how to run an Association but were trying to do everything ourselves.

At first it seemed promising.  We were having Association meetings every couple of months that first year, and discussed all sorts of projects we could do ourselves to make our building the best EVER: painting, flowers, rugs, artwork, barbecues.  Little by little, the jovial camaraderie began to ebb.  People…

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