Lady And The Landlord

                                                  ‘She fell in love with silence,
                                                           fell in love again:
                                                          no more violence,
                                                             no more pain.’

                                                                 She Fell In Love With Silence.


Weasel Scot

Getting the bus to Leith one day,I overhear two young women talking,one telling her friend about the man she met the day before,presumably a landlord,warning her if she woke him up her life would end:I would say to that young lady,who seemed charming,that that sounds like weasel words if ever I heard them,though still thoroughly unpleasant~I’m shocked to hear it,but it gets me going;I’ve heard of similar incidents before,very cool threats of violence,hot air no doubt though calculated and chilling to boot.

To Be Honest

I was pretty appalled by the sickening ease with which she was threatened:no-one should have to put up with this,certainly not a woman;I could tell she was telling it how it was, probably a non-chalant reaction on her part to him because at some level she has to accept this:need somewhere to stay,and the landlord’s a dick;Council’s OK,but some private landlords are notorious,and I assume that’s who he is:and they were nice,I thought, as I glimpse them surreptitiously from my eye.

Always stick up for you,girls.