One night I’m just going to bed,everything quiet as usual,when I suddenly hear noises from upstairs:a party,starting now…

I go to bed anyway then wonder why I bothered:people begin to arrive,noisily climbing the stairs,and no sooner do some go up than others come down,stumbling and hollering,three floors,to another all-nighter by the sound of things;it’s to-and-fro 2am till 6 in a stone/metal lobby:I could only slumber with it all going on behind me,causing me to have dreams involving ne’er-do-wells and misfits in London,where I’d moved back to,and loads of unpleasant bunkum like being accosted on the street,Mafia shoot-outs,people with no eyes or teeth,screaming arguments,a young mixed-race woman climbing in my half-open window anytime she wants to rip up bedding(no idea either)and talking gibberish after I move in somewhere,handed a set of keys by other ‘tenants’,and on,and on…

four hours later I’m absolutely shattered looking at my jeans,trying not to go out there.

It finally ends 6:40am with a young woman clattering down in her heels talking way too loud on her phone(who takes calls that early on a Sunday morning?),then manage to sleep till eleven,but am dog-tired and pissed off all day,and,two hours later,listening to someone else and their claptrap[Two Of Them]preceded by me thinking I’d best sit down else I fall down.

So now Red Rum’s finished going up and down the stairs all night we begin another week, and I hope I never have another night like it,indelibly left with memories of being sleepless,

an eyeless and toothless man.