[June 27th.]



I’m Watching the World slip by,concertina-like columns start,stutter,stop before me;notice a lot of Arabic,bit like my Gmail account the Fateful Day Of The Followback Which Blew The Bloody Doors Off~and I have umpteen photography masters to choose from.I doubt I’ve even checked 10% some month or so later,and already I’m astounded:Orange Sun,colossal picture of Mexico City from a chopper, two quaint butterflies sat on a reed possibly the greatest butterfly shot I ever saw,and now it’s a map.Something out the Arabian Knights?Ancient Arabia?Oil Wells?Nothing of the sort:Twitter Map Of World Activity~just taken.

He looks Kuwaiti,and he’s Michaelangelo in White,far as I’m concerned~

The World,flat,dark, countries delineated in neon-blue,and white flashes indicating presence/strength of activity.

You can’t see Britain

nor Spain,

the East of America far more switched-on,Australia surprisingly little,but time differences extremely pertinent.

Right now.

I’M part of the light~I’m on bloody Tweetdeck! 

I’ve already sent it to a few of the best sites Facebook/Twitter:everybody raves about it,and,like the others(a mere few mentioned,around 90% STILL TO CHECK~and they’ve ALWAYS got one even two staggering images),I may be the ONLY Westerner digging around.

And that’s what a poet does.

Be it looking in a gap in a fence setting in store the events of ‘The Intruder’,or not bothering everything’s in Arabic,and just finding the links as usual,you get in there,and you will find.

I’m sometimes reminded this side of my Twitter experience of Electric Light Orchestra’s,’Discovery’,where the Arab Boy comes upon the returned ELO Mothership spanning the previous two records[‘A New World Record’,IMMENSE,’Out Of The Blue’,IMMENSER]and this.He makes a run for it,to no avail,but I don’t have scimitar-wielding  Saracens after my skin,just amazing photographers in Jordan and Kuwait Following me(must be…200?180 to check?),and I suddenly realise circa the time’Discovery’comes out[1979],I used to regularly watch
‘Picture Box’ in school,an educationally-bent documentary meant to show nippers the World outside working-class Thatcher-reigning Scotland.

Now I have my own.

I’ve long attested they’re National Geographic-levels in quality and content,and very few things are~they walk it.

Like I say EVERY site has a Gallery,and EVERY SINGLE ONE does NOT have you drawing a blank,always huge range to choose from,but it’s the exclusivity I have,quite possibly the only Westerner to discover them:


Select particular Followback(where people are waiting for someone to play host to a number of people via their Mail account;limitless amount).


Ignore misgivings,and not only not delete them~Gmail was literally in Arabic!~but investigate like a good poet.


Bother to check Gallery section first time unknowing what lies in store thereby no incentive.

Get in there.


I love Twitter…

Nota Bene 

I realise as I’m finishing the Boy on the cover is holding the Ship the same way you hold the album cover to look at the beautiful artwork/photography,for me,always the greatest of covers~keep dreaming.

It’s a good life.

@ShepherdGregory,NO trolls.

See you around.

[Edinburgh GMT 09:24 Sunday,quiet Light.]



(a kid in a candy store!)