[June 27th.]



I’m Watching the World slip by,concertina-like columns start,stutter,stop before me;notice a lot of Arabic,bit like my Gmail account the Fateful Day Of The Followback Which Blew The Bloody Doors Off~and I have umpteen photography masters to choose from.I doubt I’ve even checked 10% some month or so later,and already I’m astounded:Orange Sun,colossal picture of Mexico City from a chopper, two quaint butterflies sat on a reed possibly the greatest butterfly shot I ever saw,and now it’s a map.Something out the Arabian Knights?Ancient Arabia?Oil Wells?Nothing of the sort:Twitter Map Of World Activity~just taken.

He looks Kuwaiti,and he’s Michaelangelo in White,far as I’m concerned~

The World,flat,dark, countries delineated in neon-blue,and white flashes indicating presence/strength of activity.

You can’t see Britain

nor Spain,

the East of America far more switched-on,Australia surprisingly little,but time differences extremely pertinent.

Right now.

I’M part of the light~I’m on bloody Tweetdeck! 

I’ve already sent it to a…

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