Got History

(Hogmanay,Edinburgh,20_ )

She looks at him wonderingly but distantly,like she doesn’t particularly care about him,
just curious as to his reaction.He is jubilant,she is unimpressed.He starts talking to
mates who lead him down the street quicker and further on a brae.She lets him go,
watching him recede into the semi-distance.But he leaves them,going back to her.

‘Come this way.’

She is trusting.

We head up an alley,folded cardboard and filth diligently avoided,part and parcel of
Cityliving–I waste no time,ushering her into a doorway with a de facto pedestal.For the
sake of five minutes she is a goddess,and I will fucking worship her,the height issue
resolved(such a wee lass),and we’re ready–I rip open her blouse,and suck on her tits.

She gasps quietly,but does not resist–I’m just gettin’ started…I wrestle with her trouser
button,she assists,saliva glistening on her pert nipples.I roll her jeans down just far
enough–I am pulsating,so much blood going to my cock it aches.I don’t know how long
I  can go without coming,and I don’t want to get her preggers,but I’m fit to burst here,and
just want to–I slam into her,she gulps,doe-eyed,and I take it slow,make it sensual…

she moans,eyes closed,as I keep a furtive eye for the police:don’t want first night of ’13
to be live-on-stage-from-the-slammer,cock out my trousers,shouting and threatening
coppers.Got history.