[Autumn 2012.] [Sunday.] I watch a live political show from Washington,where they invite people to speak live on-air, one guy,a Republican,phones up to say he’s pro-life~with conviction and no histrionics~on the subject of abortion,the most contentious and hackles-raising in the US;he eloquently makes his case then absolutely blows it~pure bunkum: ‘What happens when life comes from the ocean?’   The presenter asks him to repeat himself,which he does,and it sounds the same the second time;the studio cuts to the next caller,but I don’t:I’m left working this out,’cos I’m British,and it doesn’t apply to me…you wonder:Vietnam? He was of a certain age…Lyndon B Johnson, everything and the kitchen sink,conscription… I think of Laing’s ‘The Divided Self ‘,a study of the split-personality,and how it’s within us all:you can’t help thinking he hit the nail on the head (alter ego~trauma~gibberish)~how else do you explain someone talking lucidly one minute,and balderdash the next? Two of them.