[Autumn 2010.]

[Princes Street.]

One day,suited and booted,and feeling like an urban Robinson Crusoe,I encounter a performer,dressed as Gene Kelly circa ‘Singin’ In The Rain’,sprayed gold standing on a box;I watch him for a bit from the other side as he doesn’t move a muscle,drooping just after someone drops the coins making them flinch:it was pretty impressive,collar turned up just like the film,painted gold head-to-toe,and his box and brolly,finishing with the hat!

(Wondered if it ever got stuck!)

He then began to further intrigue passers-by by moving deliberately and briefly,then freezing as they spin round to look at him frozen like he was~neat.

People,tourists by the look of them,seemed to conclude he was a statue(on a box?),and only those he moved in the corner of the eye of caught the dropped penny,laughing and walking off,him still as ever(didn’t give him any money though,impossible to say he was bothered);those who dropped money got a shock:once they were upright he would lurch once and stop,like a machine operates for coins,the cap the slot:recoil every time!

When it comes to getting a reaction he was ticking all the boxes,and you wonder who he was,ostensibly just another Edinburgh performer heading into the ether,tomorrow a blank pavement,and,for him,onto bigger things,or back to the bedsit.

Hope the former.