Lucky Devil


I watch the ever-wonderful Maxine Peake on ‘ The Culture Show’ one evening,discussing her latest project,interspersed with appearing on stage in a spoken-word style,about the Pendle witchtrials,and the appeal they have for her:

reminds me…


[Some time ago.]

A film set during the English Civil War is playing,I think Channel 4:I start to watch…

It centres around witchcraft,Aberdeen notorious for it ;I think of ‘City By The Grey North Sea’ the definitive book on Aberdeen,which I have out the library,reading about witchtrials each night in bed,the ruthlessness of the Provosts,first two in particular:while being apprised they’re burning hapless women fast as they can(two stakes),I’m looking at 16th Century woodcuts of a naked coven of witches dancing round Satan in the Mercat Cross~which is still there~with abandon,reputed to have happened many times outside the Town House.

Where the Provost lives.

You can guess the rest.

Bristling I get back to watching the film~very convincing,grim and foreboding as you would expect,executions rife:vacillate your loyalties on a daily basis or die,Christmas strictly forbidden,no fun,drudgery…T

the ‘action’ shifts to a young man visiting an evil young woman,someone the Anglo-Saxons might call a ‘cunning woman’,walking the fine line of being regarded thus or decried a witch:

they enter her chamber,one thing leads to another…

he’s enchanted as she makes him inordinately desirous of her,cackling while gouging his back:it’s about control from sex(or an excuse to show tits,and I need to get out more though I wouldn’t be watching this),and pretty disturbing seeing as she’s mutilating him without him batting an eye,keeping the rhythm going…

I was struck by the spartan nature of the room with the recognisable short bedposts of the period(should be longer),sex rife as ever,in wanton disregard of Mr Cromwell,and the fly-on- the-wall aspect,a Ye Olde Big Brother with the housemates copping off~one a witch who 
lacerates her lover while he’s bangin’ a nail.(Channel 4…)

I think it was Hammer,certainly all the hallmarks,and well done,nicely disturbing my teenage mind as I prepare for adult life which I’m looking forward to immensely since receiving government confirmation my balls have dropped~

put the spoon away,

let’s go to England…