Piers Morgan

Exactly 14 weeks to the day since the tragic mass killing in Newtown, Conn. left 28 people – including 20 children – dead as part of the largest school shooting in U.S. history, tonight “Piers Morgan Live” invites the father of one of the victims to share his thoughts and emotions as part of a face to face interview.

On December 14th, 2012, six-year old Emilie Parker perished at the hands of gunman Adam Lanza. This evening Robbie Parker, Emilie’s dad, remembers his little girl:

“She embodied so much in her life. From the moment that I met her and she came into this world, I realized that I was blessed and that she inspired me to become a better person. And from that day, I changed my whole outlook on this world,” Parker reveals to Piers Morgan. “That’s what she did for me. And I know…

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